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Originally Posted by Mr Interesting
Blossomingtree, I don't think it matters - people wandering off towards the Neo Advaita - except possibly, if it isn't madness, and it is as things usually go the unburdening of traumas not dealt with compassionately... can be rough.

I watched recently a small video on the Aboriginal, Australian, importance of the gut as another brain, or intelligence being more apt possibly, and it's importance instinctually as regards being part of the whole communicative responding processes, gut, heart and brain (in the head) and that each has important role... and it is all, of course, an illusion, how could it be otherwise? But such must be mastered, understood and got beyond, another layer of the construct revealed and disappeared, it's vibratory reality nulled as it were.

Simply because those higher vibratory planes need getting used to, their realities acclimatised to... otherwise, and this is only my reckoning (subject to change) that higher 'love' is hot, or encountered as hot simply as it burns away that which is of a vibration too dense.

Thank you Mr Interesting, that is what I still haven't worked on, or have forgotten, or got lazy, I don't know. Thanks for the encouragement and reminders. Sometimes in bed after a busy day and evening, I can sense it all much better and play a bit with it all - anyway I've had a long few days and my head is not working so well so hard to articulate - suffice to say that whatever I sense is still too sporadically applied to be speak worthy (within "this")

Great to see you man

PS Unburdening can be rough, you are right, I am very grateful to have found the Way of too eh.
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