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“Strange that knowing lust
as an enemy of knowledge,
one so weak and nearing death
should still crave sensual pleasure”

“Why should a person of steady mind,
who sees the nothingness of objects,
prefer one thing to another?”

“He who is unattached,
untouched by opposites,
free of desire,
experiences neither pleasure nor pain
as events pass through”

Ah! Reading verse three point seven
Words of wisdom flowing from heaven
The clue seen by very few
Is that we may engage in pleasure if we renew
Renew renew renew our free flowing attention
Avoiding at all times indulgence & stagnation

Moving on to verses thirteen & fourteen
We see that it are weeds of ferality we need to wean
Recognising that fear & desire imagery
Are ego contaminants of delusion & memory
Let events unfold and karma play its role
What matters images moving as long as we are whole

God alone Is

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