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“I see no differences or separation
Even the multitudes appear
as a single formless desert
To what should I cling?”

“I am not the body
I do not have a body
I am Awareness, not a person
My thirst for life bound me
to a seeming of life”

As we make our daily entrée
In our seeing what do we see

Searching for happiness we sweat & toil
Yet each fleeting joy, suffering does foil

Comes a time we tire of chasing the rainbow
Looking within we truly wish to know

The realisation then is simply this
Divine love alone renews unending bliss

Rejecting then as unreal all forms fleeting
We embrace dynamic stillness as the Divine pulse beating

The One dividing Itself into two as Self & self
Love multiplying exponentially pouring Itself into itself

Everything energy and energy vibration
Doing nothing we ascend by simply being in resonation

In renewal of unending continuation

God alone Is
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