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The good thing about the world in case you have not noticed is that it is holographic in nature ! and when someones dies from a very tough life ! when they get to the other side 4d , they are fully restored to Peace Love & Light!

this aspect was in the movie star wars after darth vader was killed as a dark person he shows up in his astral body back with his old teacher in the name of light perfectly resotred ! the movie hides the real meaning but you get the idea about the world being holgraphic !

Namaste mikron

Originally Posted by red
We lost my Grandad who i was very close to two years ago and i constantly talk to him and ask him if he can let me know if he's ok but ive never had anything happen that would make me think that he was trying to let me know my grandma has had a few things happen in their home but she dismisses them as coincidences are there usual things people do to get in touch or is there anything else i should say to him for him to get in touch? its just i really ned to know he's ok as i didn't get to say goodbye to him and since he died so many bad things have happened that it just makes me miss him so much more sorry for waffling on but ive never posted about this anywhere before and wondered if anyone had any advice?