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Originally Posted by Spiritlite
someone is trying to get a hold of you. Have you just moved to this place? has someone you know just passed?

hi there, thanks for the reply, i am consciously aware this is connected to a spirit trying to get in touch. we have been in this house two days short of a month (18th of november is one month) what im after is what to do next, i am also working away this weekend and my partner is at home on her own, which we are not used to ( my work doesnt usually involve this and we are very rarely apart) what can we both do to remain in control and understand the situation further. Is my partner likely to be more vunerable on her own at this time? nobody we know has recently passed, however my partner is clarevoyiant and does pass messages from spirit in her reading and has just started doing alot more to progress her skill.


James & Tori
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