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You don't have to worry about where reiki enters for it to be effective. But when I do reiki; before starting I send a request to the sun to send its energy to me entering the top of my head and filling me with energy. Then I send a request to the earth to ground me and to send me its grounding energy through the bottom of my feet. I then visualizing both energies filling me and centering on my heart chakra and then that energy coming out of my hands as I invoke the reiki symbols. I also request my guides, ascended masters, reiki masters, and any one of the light who wishes to participate to join me in the healing session.

Remember, energy follows thought.

I think the 'not crossing limbs' is something that someone somewhere along the line thought that crossing limbs blocked energy flow. But it's not true. As a reiki practitioner, the more you practice the more you will intuitively be led to place your hands and you may find mixing modalities with reiki too.

Have you read Diane Stein's "Essential Reiki" yet?
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