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In blank we stand
All naked

This void we have
What is

One step of nothingness
One hail

And all is won
And all is lost
And we can start

It's empty, see?,
And free
You can move in here
At ease

And can you
The Silence?

Only You
And me
This is the path
We got
This is the path
We part

Take hold and paint
Your world in here
Make all your wishes

Step with care and love,
My dear
This empty space is
For now
All you'll know, for long.

And once we fall,
No recall
No lifevests on,
No rope to haul
The room we have
Is all.

In front of us now,
She lies,
In all her void glory.
A story's spring,
A saga's birth,
The cradle of all songs.
Here will happen
All that be,
Here will all that happens

In blank we stand
In blank we might awaken
Love and Light - and Life!

And we turn our attention to the world, not away. We receive our learning from the songs it sings and the choir of One we're all in.

And while we walk gently, we generate love, healing, the most powerful energy of all, Life!

Soaking in life, we spread the light <3
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