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Originally Posted by psychoslice
No your not too much, i have a partner who is Bipolar, but right now its all too much for me too take in, the medication I;m on is kicking in, so MELISSA, its been nice to talk with you. Oh yea, I like your crazy way of thinking ol.

no, it's not crazy. that's a BAD word. real bad.

what's with all the diagnostics? schizophrenia, bipolar? eh, something needs a shift in vocabulary. just saying. WORDS make all the difference, you know - and they really do.

i know it's a lot for other people to take in. i myself cannot read a book without having a notebook nearby ... and read only a chapter a time, because my mind begins to PROCESS what i take in. i don't watch tv, i don't watch movies ... MUCH too much ... i mean, TOO TOO much for my mind to deal with (because my minds tears it apart, studies, and soaks it up like a sponge).

i hope you rest and wake refreshed! i myself have tons more mental energy to continue to work with.

nice talking with you too. tah!
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