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Book1 Is this what kinesiology is?

Hi, I am brand new here and just found this site today and logged in. But I just saw your reply and am wondering if this is one and the same thing or similar to it.

A week ago a friend introduced me to something new. She said that when you hug each other, you should always "touch hearts". In other words, always hug from the left side so your hearts are touching as you hug.

She first hugged me from the right and told me to hold my hand straight out with palm facing down. She placed her hand on top of mine and pushed my hand down easily.

She then hugged me from the left with our hearts touching and had me do the same thing with my hand and she couldn't push my hand down.

It reminded me of feng shui but then another friend told me it was kinesiology but she wasn't sure how it was spelled and had it spelled differently. Is this part of kinesiology? It's the first time I ever heard of this but do know it has to do with our energy also. nancyamethyst
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