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It is quite a nice deck! Entirely different from Green Witch or Wildwood. I came across a reader who was using it on YT the other day and loved it right away.
It's also a bit pagany but in a more colourful and playful way. I like the imagery.
And it's RWS based but some cards deviate from it, which I like as that helps me to get my own intuition to kick in :)

I have not thoroughly worked with it yet as my head was too noodle doodle to do cards. I had a real bad dizzy spell 1,5 weeks ago which got me quite 'out of order', hihi.
Really annoying to then have a new deck come in and not being able to really play around with it. But it'll come :) I've done the few cards here and there.

I have come to realize over the last year of doing many readings that the shuffling is doing me in. And I shuffle a lot, depending on 'jumping cards' for a reading. This puts too much stress on my shoulders, and with that my neck gets affected too.
So I have to find another way of doing things.
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