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That's a more sexual deck, right? I got the Sexual Magick Tarot, I have never used it for intimate relationships. Sexual energy is the creative life force, it's so important, and hugely underrated and misunderstood by many.
The pagans did know its importance and made use of it as such too.
Sexuality is one of the strongest drives -if not the strongest apart from survival- of mankind. And it is part of survival of the species. So tapping into those energies to get a reading done is immensely powerful!
The only problem with such a deck is that most people don't understand this and only see what they consider to be x-rated images.

I'm glad you found some decks that resonated through me :) And happy to hear you enjoy my channel, thank you!!

Right now playing around with the Wheel of the Year Tarot that arrived earlier this week :) I like it!
I never would've thought that I'd get to 7 Tarot decks, haha. That is counting RWS which I never use, and Akashic Tarot which I don't really consider to be Tarot.

Oh well... cards are fun, and a great tool! And Wisdom of the Oracle is absolutely great! It has never failed me. Even if you're too tired or ill to do Tarot or a long reading, just draw 1 WotO card and you got your answer.
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