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Color Kundalini & Chakras


In the experiential aspect of meditation the journey of each individual is unique although the general tendency is of attempting to validate the unfoldings as felt by us within with those specific texts which somewhat correspond to our own findings, while conveniently ignoring clues offered by others.

On this forum itself we have scores of people who have had different types of spiritual awakenings and specifically cognition of kundalini movement & chakras corresponding to different locations within the body.

Perhaps some of us may like to share their own direct findings (not theory but actually experienced ‘reality’) related to kundalini and chakras during meditation or lucid dreaming or Bhakti dissolved states.

The idea is to simply share the experience and the type of consciousness upliftment if any both during and after the profound spiritual engagement which may be anything from a Oneness experience in/beyond form to sensory or vibrational or anything else at all.

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