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Originally Posted by Rena
Well i have spiritual gifts, but i am always learning more and more all the time....There are still lots of mysteries with the spirit world..... I will be learning about it for the rest of my life.

Yes i do think i shouldnt be using it.... Thats why i havent used it lately. But i have seen evil and bad spirits a lot in the past anyway. (Without using anything) I never knew why they were targeting me. I have seen demons in the past!

I watch a lot of "Ghost Adventures" episodes, so i finally was curious enough to try out the spirit box!!! Hahaha

My take on the matter is that if one is to communicate with discarnates then it's better to choose the ones you'd like to speak to and not have them choose - or use - you. Communication can only be started by discarnates but you have the right to discontinue any you are not comfortable with.

If you're being contacted by spirits you feel are bad, or demons as you put it, then you have the power to break off all such contact and you should not hesitate from doing so. It would benefit you to be supported by an experienced spiritual medium - not a psychic. Such a person could teach you how to 'close down' so you're not open to just any wannabe communicator - you need to know how to be in charge of your sensitivity and how to discourage mischief-makers attracted to your 'light', your psychic awareness. Here in the USA it's hard to find anyone to help in that way but it's worth checking online. If not then there are books written to help guide mediums hoping to improve their gifts.

Please keep in mind that spirit communication is not meant as entertainment but the junk on TV is. Remember also that in the world of the spirit there are no mysteries; what happens there isn't mysterious or magic. Teachers and guides have taught much about what can be found there even though there remains much still to learn after we have passed over.
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