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Originally Posted by Rena
Yes i agree with you and thank you.
I have used caution, thats why i havent used it but just a few times!!!! The first time is when i heard what sounded like my friend.

The last time i used it, i felt afraid. I have clairvoyance, so when i used it last time, i started seeing evil things through my vision. And then i prayed and asked God to forgive me for using it and to make the bad spirits go away!

I think thats crazy though how you said they use the box to communicate, but that they are attracted to me..... I wonder why that is. Other people use it all the time and they dont get much. Its just weird to me.

Those who stay close to this earth plane do so because they prefer it to moving into the 'higher' vibrations of the etheric level. There will be many reasons for their maintaining their proximity but they're not necessarily the people to keep company with. They're attracted by your 'light' and appear to enjoy your company, perhaps because it strengthens their link to a place they'd prefer to be.

I'm confused though. As you're clairvoyant, you say, surely what I've been writing about you should already understand? And if you're seeing what you've described as "evil things" doesn't that suggest you should be putting your box to one side and leaving it there? Communication with our unseen friends should be warm and uplifting. You will never have reason to feel afraid about those you love and they are the ones you should be focusing on.
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