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Originally Posted by Master M
My answer is biased! Krishna all the way. I consider myself an omnist, not even a Vaishnava, and have had a sweet experience with Shiva, albeit intense. My best friend, who introduced me to Krishna, was more into Shiva and Kali as he worshiped them in past lives. Me on the other hand, Krishna charmed me from the beginning and I fell in love with Him. Krishna is also the one who purified my heart and made it so that for the first time in my life, I was not a slave to lust. I even considered being celibate for life because of Him, since He fulfilled me in so many ways.

As someone who believes in the validity of all of the Gods and Goddesses from every culture, my bias does not extend to say that Krishna is better. They are both perfect and full manifestations of Brahman. At their core they are the essence of love, and love is the quickest path. I consider love to transcend all dualities, even within and without, for it transforms the whole.

Krishna to me, being a deity who embodies the path of Bhakti, or devotional love, is much simpler, as I believe the quote "love is the quickest and surest path." That said, as far as Guru's go, I coincidentally lean to the late Shaivite, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. I'll take him over Prabhupada any day, even though I love and admire Prabhupada for spreading and advocating love for Krishna and all things related to Him.

The Buddha would be even more unbiased than me and tell you to do what satisfies your own soul. I just can't imagine Krishna not satisfying anybody. I've had so many fulfilling experiences with Him. Jai Krishna!

I feel it was Maa Saraswati who brought me to Krishna. But in the beginning I did not feel a closeness. I still occasionally feel like I really don't know him, but I know he knows me. It may be because I am so unlike him... I am more like Thor, whom I do pray to... but I pray and do puja daily to Krishna that he help me become more like him... compassionate, patient (something I fail at), calm and easy-going, tolerant, not easily ruffled.

Sometimes I feel like the archetypal "antihero" of books and movies. Y'know, the guy who wants to do the right thing but his faults get in the way. All the while the mentor is watching patiently for the moment when the antihero finds his way. Segue to an episode of Xena Warrior Princess called The Way. Don't laugh, it was a good episode. I sprang for the $1.99 or $3.99 to download it from Xfinity. She goes to India and meets Hanuman and Krishna. Krishna instructs Xena on what is her way, and that she must follow it, even though she disapproves of herself. All the while Krishna is patient and understanding.

That episode is soooo me.
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