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To stay grounded- needs practice; asserting your self in little ways- I presume these situations are in the mundane ( I could list a couple of family issues but having a family my self- the most I come up with is things like the years it takes for the children to grow up? I worry that outter circumstances will prevail their childhood—- And will we be separated in society by foster care and stuff? I worry about being a care giver to all of the children and there’s about 20 of them!!? So I’m presuming on your past posts about narcissism and other traits? Unless you can elaborate further- I’d say asserting your self with situations around him and your meetings- having coffee and prelonging contact and speaking about your self? And asserting with the child? Trying small things at first- moving the boundaries—- having zero tolerance with getting involved in his family life- setting that rule for the self… and trying not to break it—- by adding little things and sticking to them you are paving the way to not being interested in his business’ in ways when he’s talking to you about it - you won’t get involved emotionally- and making your self tired and bogged down…

As far as going on with what he wants- setting boundaries again and having some appointments available after your meetings with him to take your mind of stuff and allow you to keep busy from the grip??
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