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You're welcome :) I understand, I can relate.

What works for me is that my mind has to be in balance, that is take down the level of stress chemicals, the self-blaming, the high level of empathy for others, turn off my own emotions if only just for a moment, a while so there will be no "bridge" between. I think some call it to "ground oneself". That then means my gift is too in balance.

There are things that happened with my gift, violent increase of it I would say, while my stress levels were up when I was in a dangerous relationship with a psychopath, as I have not yet so far been that stressed out ever again my gift/s has not been that out of control either. For me it walks hand in hand. I always had it, but it had never come on that strong before. I thought I was loosing it, I thought this is the pre-stage to insanity, now it's gonna happen, I'm gonna end up, locked up, in some mental hospital. And that increased my stress levels even more.

If you think that everything you think will come true - then I can only imagine what terrible stress that must be for you. And we think all the time, don't we? We can't turn that off. But we can with balance go down in activity.

I don't think it will ever go away for me but that is perfectly fine with me these days because I know what it or they are now and I know how to access the balance part, the grounding part. Some know how to turn it off and on (I'm not there yet).

I come from a family that on both sides (both my biological parents) had family members that were open in different ways. It might be the heritage that my brain is like this, it might be my sensitivity, it might be that I am an old soul and so is other members of my soul group and that is why they had or have something too.

If I can do this (and believe me, I am kinda goofy) so can you =)
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