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In this channeling there are some practical advises and tips i wanted to highlight because there are importants:

However, in any construction, whether physical or subtle, there is a flaw and here it is: the waves are active and sensitive to your thoughts and our brothers and sisters from the dark planets feel the urgency because the love that emanates from you destabilizes them, be sure of it.

That this love manifests itself in words, thoughts, and actions, disturbs them because they do not know how to act in front of this wave which, like a tsunami, is running over your planet.

For this reason, we ask you not to fall into sadness, anger, or helplessness.

We ask you again to accentuate your sending of light to your planet and to all living things without exception at least 15 minutes a day. Do not think that this is useless or without effect. The harmful waves that are destroying you are sensitive to light and self-destruct in its presence.
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