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Thank you very much Ghaleon!

I had to now read several times your words to try to follow even if you explain it well as it is news to me, interesting indeed :)

Do you know if anyone of those gain from our energy? I "say" this because I think when I have felt strong feelings, if let's say negative such, it is energy, food to the low levels (that I call them).

I kind of suspect even if I can't put it well into words - that our energies are "used" somehow and that can too be why we keep "recycling"? I know the saying it is for us to learn things and for our souls to grown, I still suspect there is another reason for it too - that we elude something that is of use? Some sort of energy or something? I may have too read it somewhere but can't remember where, or maybe I just dreamt it.

One time in a dream I experienced being somewhere where larger angels with bright eyes were, I felt straight off that they were different and I tried to hide but they felt I was there and I was not allowed to be there. I could not help but now think about what you described.

Thank you for sharing, I will sure look into what you have written, on the topic :)

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