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Originally Posted by asearcher
Can anyone tell me what the goat means in Pagan traditions? Anyone, please?

Moses, who was the adopted grandson of Pharaoh and who would have been afforded the best education in the country, may have been initiated into the circle of the guardians of the sacred secrets.

Moses took the bread or the sacred teachings of Egypt [The land of First Born] and removed the yeast that was added by the Egyptian priests and gave the unleavened loaf to the children of Israel, plus the regulations, rules and laws, that the Israelites were to keep for all time. --------- In one of the religious regulations established by Moses, Aaron would place his hand upon the head of a scapegoat, symbolically transferring the sins of Israel to the goat, which was then sent out into the wilderness to Azazel.

In the margins of the Good News Catholic Study Bible, Leviticus 16: concerning “Azazel” it is written by the Catholic authors of the Good News Bible; (‘AZAZEL:’ “The meaning of this Hebrew word is unknown: it may be the name of a desert demon.” ‘Azazel’) see Leviticus 16: 8-10.

The Orthodox Christian religious organisations are ignorant as to who Azazel is, because they have rejected the words of Enoch, and banned his writings as being heretical. The stone that has been rejected by the builders of the universal church of Emperor Constantine has turned out to be the most important Stone of all.

But why did the builders of the Jewish church reject the writing of the righteous Enoch

Leviticus 16: 7-10; Then he shall take the two goats to the entrance of the Tent of the LORD's presence. There he shall draw lots, using two stones, one marked “for the LORD” and the other “for Azazel”. Aaron shall sacrifice the goat chosen by lot for the LORD and offer it as a sin offering. The goat chosen for Azazel shall be presented alive to the LORD and sent off into the desert to Azazel, in order to take away the sins of the people.

16: 20-22; When Aaron has finished performing the ritual to purify the Most Holy Place, the rest of the Tent of the LORD's presence, and the altar, he shall present to the LORD the live goat chosen for Azazel. He shall put both his hands on the goat's head and confess over it all the evils, sins, and rebellions of the people of Israel, and so transfer them to the goat's head. Then the goat is to be driven off into the desert by someone appointed to do it. The goat will carry all their sins away with him into some uninhabited land.

From where do you suppose that Moses received the information that all sin was to be ascribed to Azazel?

After the destruction of all physical life forms on this planet, the ‘SON OF MAN’ the Most High in the creation, divides the living spirits=minds of all those who have died the first death, and separates the sheep who were at rest in Christ, and who are to inherit everlasting life, from the Goats, who were gathered to Azazel, and who are consigned to the eternal fire, which is the second and everlasting death from which there is no return.

To be continued.
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