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I would just like to add to this 'clear the mind and listen' comment of mine... Because as we all here know, it isn't always about listening - its knowing / trusting / learning... And when some read this that may be in some darkness - no giving up / ending it / it's not the way - stay positive, get as much help as you need here, and especially local people - confide in someone you trust.

I've been there in that darkness - it makes you stronger / wiser when you get back up again - bit by bit / step by step... And one day come back here again, or stay here and chat with 'people that know' what its like - and we'll even allow you to beat your chest if you want to - and shout from the rooftops one day 'I did it' - I got back up and i'm wiser and stronger for it.

And remember to get those energy vibrations 'vibes' of yours up - so the trusting I mentioned is from good source...

Faithful follower of Jesus Christ - doing God's work, and via the Holy Spirit... I won't hold your hand and walk with you, or be around on your journey if you fall, but I will shine a light - go this way...
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