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Hi, I'm sorry for your pain. I don't have a walk in experience so I can't identify with your experience.

I do have memories that I was able to prove what happened after a past life experience when I was "just" spirit "hanging around" earth, the people I had known in the previous life. In that life, earlier, some years earlier, I remmebered being in a hospital where i left my body and looked down at it but then returned. When I did my research and found the woman I had been, her coroner report stated the medical history I had remembered. And the actual circumstances around her death.

I don't remember going through a tunnel of light or visiting heaven or seeing a loved one in spirit. I do remember being a spirit. I could zoom in. I could think of someone and suddenly see, be there, and next moment think of someone else and be there. When afar I could watch terrible things without emotions and when coming in closer I could feel, see, read the emotions and then be effected by it as well.

I guess what I wish to say about that experience - in your case - is to go to a regressionist and get information what happened before you did the walk-in. Me thinking this will then help to give you your background and who you are and make you feel more comfertable, hopefully, in your own skin, inside out.

I've had one experience in this current life when a romantic relationship went down the wrong tracks. To me it was as if I was watching a movie - what ever was going on - on the outside of my body. The boyfriend. Other people. The furnitures. Nothing felt real. They all thought I was very lucky to have him as my boyfriend. He could impress people. That was only one side of him. He was later thought of to be a psychopath by a doctor, psychiatrist. He lacked the ability to feel, show true intimacy during well, what was suppose to be intimacy, making love, he could try to fake it but he couldn't make it, and this experience also left me the feeling as if I checked out to later check in when most of the danger was over. Turns out psychopaths, narcissists simply can't feel, express true intimacy no matter their victim, object for their socalled affection. Had I not been in a previous loving relationship with a man who by nature was normal, loving I might have even thought that was normal. The psychopat-boyfriend simply wasn't a kind soul and I felt it in all sorts of ways, but did not have a language to express myself with it, it just lingered on under my skin. I changed dramatically during this relationship. The worst I've ever felt. Turns out he did not want to let me go either even if he did treat me as trash, just part of his manipulation-game, I was to later learn, and he acted or was shocked that his games did not work on me. He must have tried them on someone else before and having better success at it, who knows. Last contact he made was several years after the break up, even if I had gone no contact throughout, no exceptions. Changed life. Never talked bad about him to anyone. Never said what had happened. Wouldn't do no good, would not have gotten anywhere with it if I had. I knew his image was so important to him. For other to see what a great guy he was. I just wanted to be set free, move on and I did. So my guess is, and I could be dead wrong of course, is that there is a hidden or clear threat in your life, someone, something? For you to feel it so long, I mean? Psychopaths and narcissists can be difficult to spot, but once you learn about it you know. Before and some time after the break up of this relationship I returned to feeling real again and my surrounding too. I learned it had been a defense mechanism of some sort. I had distanced myself from reality of what was going on on the outside and too on the inside, because of the nature of the relationship (romantic, intimacy) I manage to distance myself from my own body as well. So I felt like a stranger even to myself.

Because you have been, are in such a body with such memories of distance, if walk in, could be it is blended with yours? (I'm just guessing this, of course, I don't know, from what I have read there is stored information in the DNA, though)

I think and I hope you will find your answers with a regressionist to your true background to help strenghten you with who you really are. I hope you will feel better.

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