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I donít know. I just know Iíve never been the same since the dissociation happened. And I wish I could completely turn back time, to how things were before. I got a soul retrieval done which helped at firstÖbut then I had reptilian implants which stopped me from writing and healing. And Iíve been infected for way too long. Sometimes I feel inhuman. Sometimes I feel like Iím not the girl who was here at birth and I switched placesÖitíll always be a mystery. Kundalini told me that the parasite, or reptilian-human hybridís name is Maleficior and heís been possessing this body since I was 16, and maybe Iím him. I donít know. Iíve never felt attached to my past or like Iím fully formed, as anything, so maybe I am.
I wish I had a friend on here or someone who had a similar experience and who could help me figure this out and help bond with, because itís such a lonely existence being like this.
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