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Originally Posted by LibbyScorp
Yowzers! I just looked up the infomercial and that thing looks fun LOL
Re Total Gym.
I love it! I didn't realize I was even slimming down!
And I had equipment get dusty before.

I bought a Big Roku TV for the room--(they are SO cheap now) - and it's like heaven -alone, watching Netflix - time flies by.
Then, I actually say out loud so it gets into my subconsc mind -- "God, I love this."

I put a mirror up so when I'm backwards I can still see the TV! Hahahaha.
When I get hugs - a guy friend said, 'Whoa you ARE firmer '.
He felt my back muscles, then arms...I didn't even realize it!
Best thing I even did. I'm like a commercial, I know. :)
He asked me about motivation. I looked puzzled, I said, "I look fwd to using it!"

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

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