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Originally Posted by blackraven
LibbyScorp - I am fortunate in that I have an exercise machine to work out on as well as a weight machine. The problem sometimes with me is motivation to get down in the basement and actually work out.

Something I've started doing recently however, is pulling up on the TV a Youtube yoga video to work out to. Stretching and flexibility is something I don't usually do. After just one session of yoga I woke up the next day feeling pain in areas I've never felt before.

Isn't that funny how we get these machines and not use them? Lol. I didn't use my rowing machine for quite some time and there's no excuse when I see the thing every day in front of me. It's really been helping my stress levels lately so I'm glad I have it.

I'm glad you're loving the YouTube yoga. I suggest that to people a lot. There are so many!!!! It's incredible. Even if you're not working out otherwise, it is such a beneficial practice for your mind and body.
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