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A strange walk-in

Hi, Im Amanda. 11 years ago I think I switched or walked into this body but not as another more enlightened soul....but as an infant of that soul, either from this dimension or another. Ive tried to live as the original soul?, tried to make her parents happy, her family in general, accomplished some things while shes been gone, but Im ready to go back. Im ready for her to come back. I feel like shes missed too much of her life and I feel tortured in her stead. Up until a year ago I was in denial about the truth but Ive been facing it since. I dont know how to switch back...I dont know what Im supposed to do....if anyone whos had a walk-in experience could give their insight, that would be so appreciated. Thank you. The host is 27 years old. She was 16 when we switched? I dont even know what to call it...or where the original soul is, but Im miserable and so tired.
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