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Originally Posted by FairyCrystal
Don't know if we're supposed / allowed to comment on each other's readings (I wouldn't mind, but if this is not the idea... someone lemme know )

Could it be that it means this:
Plan ahead, think about long term goals, but also start acting upon them. Queen of Wands is also about expressing yourself, your inner feminine side.
So in that sense maybe think about what and how you want to do this, how you want to express your long term goals from your inner, genuine self.

Get out of your comfort-zone so you can work on making your dreams come true, and find that satisfaction that you will not get behind those walls (comfort-zone).

Step out from behind the wands (limiting beliefs, which do not always have to be deep traumas, can be more superficial, yet still limit you in taking action).
Be content, know you're on your path, but don't put your life on hold.

Now since it is a week reading, it will likely refer to something quite mundane, but still something you'd like to do or have or achieve and aren't right now.

Oh cool, thanks for the additional insight! Ill read it again later when I get time so it can sink in.

Oh man, rules, we got a rule for everything Your fine! This tarot area is more open for feedback and game play. There is a rule on reading without permissions but that is for out on the open forum( outside this section). We have had people in the past get upset and try to energy read them during heated discussions ( like in the spirituality section) so that is now allowed, but here in tarot areas it's different and we took the rules thing down in this section, we just let people be guided to what feels right. Reader has the right to reject or offer.

Thanks again for the insight
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