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Oooh I've just given this a go......

What I need to think about - The World.
In the image the world weeps, a figure stands underneath collecting those tears in a large vessel.
Well tomorrow sees the first day of something that is a completion for me, something I've strived and worked for. It's an 'end game' that takes me into new territory. The tears make me ask myself, what can I offer back? Have my actions been for the good of the group? Will it end in tears?

What I need to do - 2 of Cups
A couple sit, comfortable in each others company and enjoying the beauty that is around them, the girl manifests many different flowers, there is a red rose that is the last flower to manifest. The male sits watching while manifesting a single rose, looking at all the flowers the girl has manifested.
Hmmmm, I do have someone coming in to go through some training with me this week. Maybe this suggests that I need to show just what I know and can do for the business. He's looking for something specific that matches his expectation, although it might take me a while to get there

The challenge - Justice.
Interesting image......Lady Justice is formed from a treble clef and she is releasing musical notes into the atmosphere. In the background her sword is piercing a snake.
Keeping things harmonious and in balance could be a challenge. I'll need to deal with trouble quickly and effectively, stopping it in its tracks to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

I think I'm going to go deeper with this spread as it has brought up some questions for me that I want some insight into.
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