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Originally Posted by Ravenwhispers
I’ve never heard anyone refer to astral projection and lucid dreaming as the same. Quite the opposite actually I always hear of very spiritual people say they are definitely not the same . So this is confusing to hear this now . One problem I’m finding on this site is people contradicting one another . In some instances I understand it boils down to experience As everyone experiences things or perceives or interprets things different but in this statement you made it’s more of fact or fiction . so these things confuse me. I’ll ask you directly and others to pls chime in and explain is lucid dreaming not completely different than astral projection????

- Raven Royalty

Hi you are asking for things that relate to your own belief system , which than you use to experience as your reality,, what you can do and what not ? why ?
are you not limiting your self , I am not even asking what are you asking it with in relationship to what else :-) I myself had all these experiences, and don't use the distinctions, even for what most perhaps would call 'normal reality' I do not use that term but would even say that is the same . I do that to not limit my own experiences and freedoms , it works too, results are amazing !!!!!
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