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Originally Posted by Raven Poet
Ooooh, thanks for sharing! I think I will go harvest some red willow and some raspberry leaf tomorrow. I might have to go looking for bear berry though, but I know where to look.

Just a question to clarify - when harvesting the red willow, you peel off the outer red layer, then shave the inner bark, right? I might have seen this on this thread but I just wanted to clarify.


Yes peel the outer bark off of the red willow.
Then you can hold the stick and scrape off the inner bark.
Just don't go to deep and get to much of the wood layer.
You will quickly figure it out.

But if you need or want I have a link to someone peeling red willow bark.
It is kinda long 24mins. or so. But I'm sure you can skim to the parts you need to.

Happy gathering.
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