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It has arrived! It makes me smile! It is so pretty, the colour beautiful, and the energy very sweet and feminine and joyful.
When I held it and closed my eyes I felt my Crown being activated and a huge spiral of energy moving up into the Cosmos. At the same time it was a cleansing or balancing or something like that of the Crown. Enable it to open up further.
Then the tingling moved to the back a bit, just behind the crown of the head, and suddenly I realised I felt pressure on the bridge of my nose?? That didn't go until I put the crystal down.
I also felt things happening in the diaphragm area and my kidneys.
All the while my Heart was open, that was very easy & went by itself. I always move back & forth a tad when my Heart is open and since I work with opening the Heart a lot of late that comes quite easy now.

In any case, I'm very happy with it and will sit with it some more!
I was curious about entering the crystal, but that didn't feel like the right moment. For some reason.
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