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A few practical suggestions:
  • Give someone who you know is unemployed an interest free loan to help them get a job (e.g. to buy a suit for an interview)

    To be honest, you donít even have to give money to an unemployed person to be helpful. Sometimes all you have to do is to be supportive or talk encouragingly.

    I know from experience, that unemployment is a very misunderstood circumstance to be in. It really isnít the lazy, carefree bum-around on benefits which the media paint it as. Itís very surreal and brings all sorts of anxieties and insecurities to the surface. Often you feel like youíre going round in circles and are a burden to everyone, particularly if you are long-term unemployed.

    Quite often, others will speak to you as if you actually are a useless burden, and as if they Ďowní you in some way, so if you can talk encouragingly or helpfully to an unemployed person, then it really is of great help.

    Donít talk platitudes or guilt trips like ď beggars canít be choosers, ď because they know that already, and certainly donít compare them to others or Ďsuggestí shots in the dark job vacancies, because those really arenít helpful. Put a few kind or encouraging words certainly are.

    And in doing so, you will be sending out all sorts of light which will come back to you in some way.
Any more suggestions?[/quote]
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