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I have been doing something like this for the past few years. I made a New Year’s resolution about 5 years ago, to give to charity or worthwhile causes every other day, and have kept it up. I have given to charity pots, tips pots, Big Issue sellers and justgiving pages and have found it to be a really good thing.

I used to have quite a resistance to spending money when I was younger, and this came from fear consciousness that there isn’t enough to go around; but in doing this I have helped to ease that fear away.

One thing to know is that when you spend or give (basically, ‘outflow’ your riches) you create a space in your life for more to flow back to you. This is called the law of Tao and flow and is one of the main laws of the Universe. Basically, it says that nature abhors a vacuum, and you will be rewarded for your donations if you believe this to be the case.

I have found that in giving, I have created vacuums for money to flow back to me, and I have more now that I have ever done before. Even if I don’t get money directly, I have also had things paid for by others, or bought for me.

You can outflow other things in this way, such as gratitude and blessings towards others. The law of Tao will work in the same way for these too.

It has benefitted me, and also benefits the people or organisations I have donated to as well, so it’s a double whammy of light being given out to the world.
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