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Originally Posted by utopiandreamchild
It takes growth, it won't happen over night but it will happen, love is a powerful energy but you have to grow in strength, like all things it takes time and persistence.

I'd say your healer just wasn't strong enough for these specific entities.

Love utopia

Yes, @utopiandreamchild, I would agree with that assessment.

The one healer who used love told the entities/spirits that they could stay if they wanted to. I was like, NO, they cannot! They are disrupting my entire life and they're scaring me!!!! Some of these spirits were murderous, and wanted to cause harm to my husband!!!! AND to me! They were moving my body and speaking through me, causing all sorts of confusion for me as to who I even am!!!

NO THANK YOU. It took a much stronger healer who works with the Arch Angels to get them to leave. They cannot be given a choice - the only choice they can be given is to leave.
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