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Elestial Shangaan Amethyst Zimbabwe

I bought a beautiful elestial Shangaan amethyst from Zimbabwe yesterday!
I felt something calling me, which always makes me restless, so I started looking round. It soon became clear that it was this crystal, then it comes down to finding the one for me.
I went to Etsy and right away it was there: this beautiful piece that stirred my heart!
I browsed a number of others regardless, found a couple more beautiful pieces, but I think this was mainly due to much better photo quality (better photographer). And they didn't make me feel what the other one did.
So I made up my mind and bought it :)

Kind of peculiar as I've seen elestials before, not from Zimbabwe then, and they never really did it for me. Beautiful, but that was it.
I'm not a big fan of amethyst, nor smoky quartz which is in these crystals too. Yet this type from Zimbabwe did move me! An entirely different energy.
It has these thread like inclusions too, like tiny dancing fairies :) Not just mine, I saw many/all of this type that had that so I guess it's part of these crystals.

Elestials are layered crystals, so they have many inclusions and often odd shapes. Many are scepters, which is a different energy yet again, mine isn't.

It's called Shangaan as it's mined by the Shangani people.
What I read is that they have a tremendous Light energy and will give you what you need in the moment. If you grow and evolve it will give more. It can do that as it's a real powerhouse and brings in so much high Light. It's a crystal you will never outgrow.

Hopefully it gets here soon! Reviewers said shipment was real fast, fingers crossed.
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