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Hang in there Lostsoul13, my thoughts are with you. As you know I have had poltergeist activity around, don't know if I have somehow created that or someone else in the family or possible both or if it has been other entities, spirits, but regardless of what move things out of the way so they can't fall down and hurt you in any way, like what happened with the Tutankhamun statue. You've always come across as a good guy to me, Lostsoul13 even if you write that you are narcissistic ;) .

"They" (poltergeist activity but also spirits) seem to like the idea to play with anything electronic, so yes absolutely I believe you that something is up with your phone or computer but it can also be yourself when you have your black outs too I gather? Can be a glitch of time? Could be low levels just having "fun" with you? I have experienced that.

I don't know what to say about that and chose not to think too much of it because if I do I fear I go insane. But i have heard and seen things before they happen one time, and I think it was low levels that played tricks on me back then (just to try to drive me nuts, so they would mimic voices, they would make a door shake that only does that when the front door is open but no front door was open, only for the same stuff to happen some time later when it was for real. I had during the time before thought of course that the voice/s I heard was because someone was coming home and talking to someone else, but no. Scary. I've heard from previous owner that someone in the home use to confuse a voice it heard with another family member but that family member had not said anything at all, so I am not the first that this has happened to, and that is at least a somewhat relief.

You could perhaps with help use salt to place out and sage and do a pray and see if it calms down.

Please, take care.
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