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~ just passing : I’m on medication (monthly injections for schizophrenia but I’m sure I have BPD [borderline personality disorder] I’ve had black outs but these things ARE happening.. strange because deep down I know the answers but so many people go through phases where similar stuff happens and it’s the century’ of technology… I’ve had black outs before remembering after it happened {sort of thing} I wouldn’t even get started on the inserts while teleportation occurs because you think I have gone MAD but these things have happened { black outs how I got from one place to another} if you’ve heard of moon knight it’s a comic but Disney plus have done a series on it[ Steven had got Bpd and mark is his alter ego along with moon knight whom is the vengeance of Khonshu (god if the moon) Egypt… he has black outs while fighting mark being the skilled one in martial arts and moon knight even further.. I can totally relate to it- it’s portrayal of BPD is spot on ~ even so I think it’s a reality not a medication other than a diagnose for something that’s really happening!

I had Tutankhamun statue drop on my head while on a ledge and nothing could of knocked it off~ more references to strange things happening…

I really believe that a higher self is living a life with different entanglement—- maybe because my life sucks lol but it’s the same process as the likes of falling asleep?! Go figure?

~ justbe: lol I’m glad you found it funny:I didn’t at the start thought it was ironic?!

Yes, I’ve had ‘dimensions open up’ and allowing for a real treat with what can only be called magic: bottle smashing and a sound and them fixing again —- teleportation ( even in inserts ) but I found my way back home always to early than the holidays was over[over 30 times]

I’ve been blindsided- wow you’ve had a lot happening I definitely believe life opens up to these possibilities and something we can achieve.. strive for amongst our reincarnations..

Thanks for your reply both
Vampire speed..

Arabic first language (English)- bear with me and please be patient)
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