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Originally Posted by lostsoul13

Seems there’s something new everyday, they even turning notifications on to alert a week advance..

It’s making me giggle reading this because it’s just too much. I can’t imagine what your feeling in all this. It would send me loony. I’ve had times where things out of the normal sphere of reality came in at me. Things flying across the room smashing into bits, writing my name down only to find it vanished off the paper. Waking at three am with bright green light in my microwave. A room lighting up full of gold whole house shaking like a jet was taking off in it..It was a super weird time but I’m guessing I’d entered a reality that allowed for this movement. Like an intersection and meeting point with another dimension of sorts. I was able to talk telepathically to people too. It was all very real for me, but others didn’t see it or notice this.

So that told me, I had shifted dimensions. When your intersecting a dimension that creates things as it does you have to find yourself in it in some form. What’s it trying to show me I need in it? What can benefit me in this intersection that is helping me to see something for me in this?

It wasn’t meant for anyone but me, I had to understand myself in it.

Anyhow I enjoyed the ride and just let it do it’s thing, survived and developed more authentically from it. It was messing with my psyche and it opened me to understand my place in a greater expanded view of reality. I was lucky I got through with spiritual support. I had guides to hold my space. Not everyone has this, so it’s important to tend to you as you might need. If it’s too much find support.

Altered states can put you in a position of seeing things others can’t or don’t experience. For some reason the messing with your brain through technology seems part of this. I can’t explain it entirely why this happens. I suspect being a close connection to your every day use and a system of communication, it gets your attention. Attention to something means your noticing yourself differently. Out of the normal stuff gets your attention.. and there arises those questions about you in it.
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