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Messages and threads (mobile phone)

I get lots of messages on my phone~ saved calendar memorial- text messages: I’m sure it’s the alternate self or a vampire following me; my life points on sims free play I bought a pack, I woke up and I was down to one when there were like eight left..

I’m wondering who’s writing these things~ I had text messages evening written from my screen- no one was there but could hear the clicks of typing.. nothing was touching the phone..

I’ve had pictures being saved..

Things being deleted…

I’m pretty sure it’s my BPD BLACKOUTS- happening when my alternate self gets in contact or drops little hints: things like “snuck in” or “xx and kiss emoji”
“Shopping and dropping out over something “ “doesn’t trust me and going to get verification from someone else” “thinks I’m talking to my self” “thumbs up”

I’ve even seen messages being delivered to my thread while I was looking … through a thread conversation with some one else~ only way to do that is gave my Apple ID —- I think I’m talking in my sleep, and divulging this information to alternate self or vampire- it can’t be all a ghost..

I had a thread about how I’d received flowers on my windows with something visiting me, and spilled milk, knifes moved and blood in the toilet… I even called the cops..

Seems there’s something new everyday, they even turning notifications on to alert a week advance..
Vampire speed..

Arabic first language (English)—- bear with me and please be patient)
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