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Originally Posted by Starman
Different cultures have their own numerological methodology. Its like nuisances in the same religion as practiced in different countries. As you have stated a person chooses a method that touches them. I do not want to get into value judging what has been shared because I can appreciate the flow regardless of the methodology.

I learned numerology via the Hebrew Qabbalah. Their system of numerology is called “gematria.“ Words in the Hebrew alphabet correlate with numbers. It is and alphanumeric system. So you put a bunch of numbers together and those numbers translate into words.

The Romans did the same thing; they had an alphanumeric system also, where their alphabet stood for letters and numbers combined in the same symbols. I also looked into the traditional approach to numerology as well as other prophetic systems. Mathematics is the foundation of science; it is the language of science. Numerology heavily influenced the development of mathematics.

I have found numerology to be more of and investigative tool than a tool for prophesy. It is the same with The Tarot. Lots of people use the tarot for prophesy; but that is just the method which touched me. My Qabbalistic instruction taught that we should use the tarot for consciousness development and not merely fortune telling. This is the Qabbalistic approach. No better or worst, just what resonates with a person. I have been exposed to numerology for many decades but I am not familiar with “Cheiro Book of Numbers. All of life can be reduced to a numerical equation.

I dated a woman who had a Masters Degree in Mathematics and she also dabbled in numerology. She would often say these tidbits out of the blue, like “form follows function,” as related to process and content. Action and reaction are equations which we write consciously or unconsciously. Everything is unfolding according to the way the equation is written. What if human life was like a computer binary language code, with only two answers; TRUE (1) and FALSE (0), and you get all of this.

Fantastic reply Starman!
Interesting what you wrote about consciousness development and kabbalah. I am certainly gonna look into it here! It all adds and is of value.
Kind regards Pep
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