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Taoism and Buddhism

What is the main philosophical difference between these two paths?

I know Buddhism acknowledges pain and how to extinguish it...where Taoism is more about opposites follow each can't have one without the other...and everything that is light has a bit of darkness in it and vice versa.

Taoism is going with the flow and Buddhism is acceptance of pain to get rid of it.

They both talk of letting go. I can't understand Buddhism when I read about it. It seems way too intellectual for me to grasp. And I'm tired of trying so hard.
But does Taoism have enough meat on its bones to use as practical every day wisdom to live by?

What's the Western equivalent to Taoism, I wonder...maybe I'll try that! Especially if women are important too. How come all the great saints, saviors, enlightened beings are always men?
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