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Cat Bears!

So, I love watching videos about bears. A lot of people in the US publish videos of the bears that come to their house. Fascinating to watch, and of course baby bears are cute - they look like teddy bears!

But they grow up and then it's an altogether different matter - bears are dangerous animals. They are strong, they have very long claws, and - well, they eat people. In bear areas, folks have to carry bear spray. Bears do go into people's yards, especially if there's an outdoor pool (bears love to go for a swim). And then it's a case of everybody indoors, close the door, and hope that the bears disappear soon again, and preferably without doing too much damage to the yard. Or film them from a safe distance and put the video on Youtube, lol.

Has anyone ever come across a bear? What did you do and what was it like?

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