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Originally Posted by Rescuemom
Remember that spells should always be done for the highest and the best. Also remember that whatever you do affects the free will of other people and thatís not considered acceptable. Unless you wish to practice black magic. I remember 31 years ago filled with power and thinking it was all so much fun when a friend asked me to do a money spell for him. He was a greedy ****. His mother-in-law-died and he inherited. That was the last time I did money or love spells or anything but healing if the person wished it. Recently I have been doing binding and reversals which are debated in the community but Iíve had enough abuse. But this is not a joke and not something to play with. In my fairly long experience you often give up something in return and sometimes itís not something you want to lose if you get my drift. Also if you decide anyway to do the spell and it works you must always give something in gratitude for example a donation to a charity and not a few cents, enough to feel it.
Did I already mention this is not a game. Itís quite serious and the power is very real.



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