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Originally Posted by Lepus

Walking in the woods really does help remove unwanted negative thoughts. Especially when no one is around. I had the fortune to walk in a remote area where human eyes are rarely seen. It's quite relaxing and peaceful. I've had taken a brief moment before to place my hand on a random tree expressing my thoughts. I felt the energy shift. I was more at ease. On an unrelated note, I've had seen many blue jays and cardinals on that day. Even had the opportunity to spot a white-tailed deer. So I was pretty happy about that. Definitely felt connected with Mother Earth. I really enjoyed going into the woods. I might head out there again when the temperature starts to warm up.

I have yet to see the movie Avatar.

I agree, that it does. I think its more peaceful when other's aren't around, cause sometimes if someone were to pass you could pick up on something that could invade the peace that you seek by connecting with the trees. I think tree's are compassionate and understanding, that they're an extension to mother earth thru their roots. And it was nice that you felt a shift and felt better after expressing your thoughts.

The movie avatar does have a good theme for showing connection but there are also sad parts in it too.
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