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Hi All!

Thanks for a great question and some great answers! My feeling on Ayurveda and weight is that (if the weight is coming from binge-eating and not simply from genetics), often one is craving a food that will balance a Dosha imbalance. One's body will want to eat anything it finds, in order to find that thing it is missing.

As a personal anecdote, I recently had a real problem with binge-eating, until I was diagnosed with excess Kapha. I started eating Vata-promoting foods (muesli, wholegrain products, bitter foods like pickles and limes, chilis, and very sweet foods like jams and meringues), and poof! My cravings went away and I feel completely in charge of my eating.

Your own personal Dosha imbalance might be different than mine, but it is certainly worth checking it out!

Ayurveda always tells us to follow, not suppress, our natural inclinations. Some diet we are following could be creating a massive Dosha imbalance in us, so I suggest you take some time off and listen to what your body actually wants, before trying some crazy diet. If it isn't getting what it wants, it will want everything it sees, trying to find the missing piece.

Hope this helps!
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