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Originally Posted by BigJohn
I am a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
I spend some of my time finding minerals, specimens, crystals, etc.
I have written a few books. Some are still in progress.

I enjoy religions. My wife's mother is Buddhist and her Father is Muslim.
My background is Judaism and Christianity. Combined, I now dabble in many of the religions. I used to do various forms of healing but lately I have gotten lazy. I did read some tarot cards for my wife today. She reads cards also.

So what is my specialty? Well, I like rocks/crystals, herbs, incense, essential and blended oils, etc. I just can not put my figure on any specialty.

What are your specialties?

Well I said there was no need to respond to my earlier questions as I'd found my answer but thanks for helping confirm I had things right.

Initially - because you'd been replying in this forum - I'd gained an impression you were a Spiritualist but Iater I realised that wasn't the case.

As for me I don't have "specialities" (plural) because I've deliberately stopped 'dabbling', instead concentrating my focus on a couple of linked subjects. (Spreading myself thinly over many 'specialities' resulted in none of them being special after all; they had in effect become generalities. )

Now my prime focus is the notion of survival and communication, trying to help seekers to find answers that work for them. Not a teacher but someone providing learning support, a lifelong role.
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