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Originally Posted by janielee
I have a blockage that I can't clear.
Acupuncture, maybe acupressure massage, or even a chiropractic adjustment, may help. But most of all journaling and meditating to try and understand what the blockage is related to. Blockage is the symptom and treating a symptom may only bring temporary relief. The cause of the blockage is something deeper, which a closer examination of one’s life, or lifestyle, may reveal.

Blockage usually means we are tightly holding on to something that is impeding our flow of energy. Blockage may come after a long period of mental or emotional tension. This can also cause stress. Energy plus blockage causes friction. Self examination of polarizing feelings or thoughts, positions held in our mind, etc., might reveal the cause of blockages. Thus journaling does work; it can help us look at our patterns.

Pre-pandemic, I used to go camping every month, this was a stress reliever for me, but with the pandemic that has been postponed. Sometimes I would go to the Mojave Desert in the fall and winter months, and at night build a campfire, get naked, with my Native American tom-tom drum in my hand, and yell and dance while I drummed. A great stress reliever.

I am using TENS (Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), have three different units, and other methods, like working on muscle triggers with “The Stick,” during this pandemic because, like most everyone else, I am stuck at home. The Stick is a very good tool, just put those words in your search and look it up online.
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