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Originally Posted by bartholomew
From our viewpoint the highest truths are so often called absolutes. But where are we when we espouse this? Hard physical worlds and their corresponding subtle sheaths (densities to some, planes to others, heavens to yet other groups) are very low indeed when seen from truly high places. Through is all though if we can manage to find a lowest common denominator we easily discover so much more. As we ascend through the heavens two things happen. First, time, as we are used to perceiving it, slows. Second, our consciousness is increased. If we can manage it, if we could possibly reach the ultimate level at which "God" "is" we would find that time, which had been slowing as we neared, now is non existent. We would also find that we are now "all knowing". In this statement we find the answer to the question of why we have freedom of choice and yet God knows how we will chose. Now, when we look back "down" to the mid and lower heavens and finally to the dense realm of the Earth (and other planets too) we realize that separation, divisiveness, anger, greed, avarice, hate and, yes, even lower expressions of love, are all manifestations of lower degrees of consciousness.

If we accept thee above we can easily see not only the role of religions but their cause as well. Now we can easily resolve the statement concerning the nature of life after death. Now, instead of speaking in terms of reward or punishment we realize that there is another truth which is so very simple and elegant. After we pass we slowly rise. We pause in the mid astral (heaven of lore) where we sort outselves out for a bit. Here it is we, ourselves, now free of bias, who judges ourselves. Then, after a time, we raise again to the plane of the human souls where we remain for sometimes quite a long time in Earth years. From here we are able to look "down" at the Earth. We are also able to look "up" at higher realms... wondering. From this vantage the aspects which so limited us before are greatly diminished. Now we finally understand about the conditions on Earth. And why? Because we are now more conscious. From the spiritual home of the human souls (the one near this planet) God is still quite unknowable but we are just a bit more able now. We've moved closer. And now, armed with fresh insights, we plan our next adventure in physical plane living. And, once again, religions will play an important role. This is the way of it....

Thank you Bartholomew.
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