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Color Human Spirit{s} Evolution
Gobekli Tepe: The World’s First Temple?

Predating Stonehenge by 6,000 years, Turkey’s stunning Gobekli Tepe upends the conventional view of the rise of civilization

Bucky Fullers sea-peoples story goes this way.

Adam is on south pacific beach and sees a beached whale and how the bone structure is ribbed and keeled{ spine of whale } ---many wooden ships were built with ribbbed and keeled method-- so Adam takes of one of his ribs to build the ribbed and keeled ship he names Eve --again for much of history ships boats were given a female name---.

Then Adam, sails around the world, which he discover is as round{ spherical } ---as an apple, orange, cocconut etc--- in the womb{ belly } of the ribbed and keeled ship of Eve.

Along the way the way Adam sees sea-serpents{ naga } that have an appearence of a sine-wave /\/\/\/\ pattern ---see LINK--

---end Fullers scenario begin r6's---

Half of sine-wave sea serpent was below the water line{ invisible under-world } and half above{ visible over-world }. ---see LINK---- on how to construct simple sine-wave from a rolled tube that creates two halves of exists and exhibits two halves of existence.

The tube-of-life is the birth canal. The tube cut at 45 degrees{ diagonal / of cube [ / ] } is the division of 90 degrees into two halves ergo multi-dimensional{ invisible 45 degree hyper-diemension } and our visible 90 degree cartesain{ XYZ } cube{ [ ] }.

Naga{ as a snake /\/\/ } had come onto land climbed trees and led to Adams existence as a human fruit ---more likely a fungus--- that fell from the tree onto the Earth and multiply.

Adam, the human fruit, eats the fungus{ mushroom } and over many eating arrives at two conclusions regarding the mushroom;

1} leads to divine heavenly cosmic consciousness, oness with Naga > Na-ture > Na-da{ cosmic zero or pure-ness }

2} leads to insane hell ---substance induced psychosis--- coming from inside the Earth or the inner mind
"Dare to be naive"... R. B. Fuller

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