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Originally Posted by Nesanjica
When I get all the symptoms of projection: vibrating, ringing ears, energy rushes etc. I also get such strong physical body aches it makes me have to move to get more comfortable/ relief and that snaps me out of the projection! Why so many aches and pains? The psin is in my bones and muscles and it makes everything so uncomfortable!

The way you stated your problem makes it incredibly difficult to answer because you say that the pain causes you to move your physical body to get comfortable and that ends the projection. But either you're in your physical body or your astral body and if you're in your astral body then you shouldn't be moving to your physical body other than the rare accidental occasion. Sometimes pain we experience in our physical body can translate over to our astral body but not always and so it is unclear to me whether the pain you're experiencing is actually in your physical body or astral body, or if you aren't as far into a projection as you think you are. When you're far off in a projection if your physical body is experiencing pain it shouldn't really be strong enough to where you are going to feel severe pain in your astral body, but your astral body is capable of experiencing pain caused to it as well. The uncomfortable pains you are describing that your physical body is experiencing sounds like to me the type of pains you experience before you're actually projecting. I'm not trying to say you're not actually projecting because I am not the one experiencing what you are and only you can really know that for yourself. But my opinion about it is that either the pain is actually in your astral body and it is causing you to accidently end the projection either through movement or thinking about your physical body, or you're not really far enough into the projection and that is why you're able to feel the pain occurring on your physical body. Of course that is just my opinion based on what I have experienced regarding astral projection, pain to the physical body during a projection, and pain to the astral body during a projection.
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